Soumah? What? Where.

Quite literally South of Maroondah Highway… this winery surely wins the prize for the best name in the Yarra Valley. Quite a unique winery in many regards, Soumah serves some quite excellent Italian varieties and blends.

It was poor timing on our part the day we decided to visit Soumah, because we had arrived just after a couple of large groups and so weren’t able to get a table for lunch and room at the tasting bar was at a premium. The hosts did a wonderful job of explaining to us what the different varietals actually were (Savarro I know now is another name for Savignin). We really need a second visit to get through a few more tastings, such is the unique experience offered.

2017 Savarro: A single vineyard creation with a perfect complexion in the glass which leads into a fresh mouthfeel of numerous citrus flavours. The acid is kept well in balance and this wine is a beautiful experience. $30 per bottle.

2017 Ai Fiori (Rose): OUR PICK FOR BEST VALUE. Meaning “amongst the flowers”, this wine is a Syrah based Rose, with some Nebbiolo mixed in to great effect. The colour is light and changes from light brown to pink to orange depending on how you hold the glass, yet maintains perfect clarity! The nose initially seemed Marsanne-like with honeysuckle in the bouquet, hence the name is most suitable. The palate itself shows a minimum of three distinct layers of flavour. The acid in the front palate and freshness in the finish make this a rather amazing wine, for any time of year. $28 per bottle.

2017 Viogner: In a blind taste-test, you would be forgiven for confusing this with a Chardonnay, such is the creaminess in the mouthfeel. We actually preferred this to the 2017 Chardonnays (Hexham and Nagambie) which were both a bit more aggressive in their acidity. One of our favourite choices, but at $38 per bottle, we decided to buy the Ai Fiori instead.

2015 Syrah: Being regular visitors to the Yarra Valley, we are used to seeing the trend of Syrah rather than Shiraz used for many of the cooler-climate examples. As typical of the Yarra Valley, this Syrah has some amazing fruit flavours, but it is the levels of flavour that really impressed us. The use of oak to integrate the flavours speaks to the skill of the winemaker, giving this wine a wonderful complexity and making it our favourite red. $38 per bottle.

2017 “Brachetto” Dolce Rose: At the end of a tasting day, it was nice to find a low-alcohol dessert wine. This was an experience! Somehow, despite the high sugar level, this wine retains a level of sourness in the palate which makes it an interesting wine, rather than the “lolly water” that desert Rose wines can unfortunately sometimes be. The level of sweetness is kept well in check which sealed the deal for us. $30 per bottle.

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