Stag Party

With a number of the walkabout crew doing their own thing this month, two of us decided to retrace some of our old favourite wine trails and check on the progress of some of our favourite drops. St Huberts winery is easily distinguished by the giant stag head logo (plus the fact that it is on St Huberts road helps a lot…) and has some of our favourite value wines.

2013 Blanc de Noir: As the name suggests, this is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Oddly enough, the wine in the glass was very light (almost clear) in colour. The bubbles are fine and plentiful, making for a delightful sensation, and the length… wow. The length is unusual for a sparkling and the finish is perfect. A delightful experience. $39 per bottle.

2016 Roussanne: One of only a very small number of wineries to make a straight Roussanne (it is normally found blended with Marsanne and Viognier in RMV blends). Round and creamy would be a fitting description, but somehow the palate didn’t quite hit the mark. Aftertaste was excellent, but there was something lacking somewhere in the flavour profile. $33 per bottle.

2016 Chardonnay: OUR FAVOURITE WHITE. 9 months in oak have done wonders for this wine but haven’t damaged the aromatic brilliance. It is only that the wine doesn’t linger enough and seems to stop short that limits this otherwise beautiful example of cool climate Chardonnay. $27 per bottle.

2016 Pinot Noir: This wine is very interesting to say the least. As a group we have become quite accustomed to the nuanced differences between Yarra Valley Pinot Noirs based on soil, location or how well shaded the vines are based on their side of the hill. This wine however was surprising. The palate is initially sweet (not uncommon) before the waves of savoury flavours take over (also not uncommon) but the sweet flavours then return quite suddenly as the wine subsides (uncommon). A really great wine, perhaps lacking some structure through the finish? $33 per bottle.

2016 Heathcote Shiraz: OUR PICK FOR BEST RED. The colour is brilliant and there are raspberries on the nose. What isn’t to like? Heathcote grows Shiraz grapes that make seriously big red wines and this example has lived up to the expectation and more. A box of this lovely wine is now ageing peacefully in our cellar. $26 per bottle.

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