One Noble Act


Just as we did for our last review, we will attempt to keep this to a few short paragraphs. If you are wanting a fuller review of this winery, send us a message and we will update the post.

De Bortoli is a family run business with plantings in New South Wales and Victoria. On weekends, the cellar door can get very busy (they also sell cheese platters to assist with the wine tasting which is just genius) and several different labels are produced under the De Bortoli banner. A lot of the range can be found in other retailers, but a visit to the cellar door is, in our opinion, always time well spent.

What we liked: Almost everything. The dining experience is first rate. We went for lunch and found the menu very impressive and the wine-matching excellent. The range of sparkling, white, red and dessert wines (and the fortified Black Noble) offer excellent choice and value for money. Very knowledgeable cellar door staff who are unafraid to admit when they don’t know the answer to a difficult question (we have had people guess answers at some locations, and when we have previously researched the matter it is a bit of a let down to see “experts” guessing answers). A large number of wines priced under $30 per bottle with excellent cellaring potential. The Noble One dessert wine (Semillon from NSW) is in our opinion the best dessert wine you can get in Australia and the fortified version Black Noble gives Rutherglen Muscat a fair run for its money (Rutherglen still wins, but to get into such a race is a rare achievement).

What we didn’t like: The tasting bar can get a bit cramped some days as bus loads of visitors are a common sight. Some of the more expensive red wines are not great value, scoring worse than the cheaper offerings of the same grape in some instances.

Our Verdict: Like Domaine Chandon, this is a winery that should be visited at least once by every true wine tourist. Just choose your visiting day and time carefully. Tuesday afternoon is a lot less busy that Saturday midday.

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