Black is the new Red

The weather was nice on this particular weekend, so a few of the regular walkabout crew decided that lunch at a winery was in order. We headed North West this time and on our way towards Bendigo we found ourselves at the lovely Black Jack Winery.

What we liked: Bella the winery dog is very happy greeting visitors, but quickly becomes disinterested and leaves you to your tasting. The red wines dominate the selection, with a very nice Temperanillo ($24 per bottle) in the lineup. Our favourite wine (that was taken home by the dozen…) was the 2015 Chortle’s Edge Shiraz. At $22 per bottle or $240 for a dozen, this wine punches above its weight across the board. Critics may say it is a bit on the soft side with respect to tannins and a bit dry in the finish; maybe this is true, we don’t really care – there are much more expensive wines that don’t deliver the length and complexity that this wine delivers.

What we weren’t so keen on: The 2016 Black Jack Shiraz was sold out – but this is more a testament to the quality of the wine (selling at $38 per bottle) than a criticism of the producer.

Our verdict: If you are visiting the area and like red wine (if you don’t like red wine, why are you in the area?) then this is well worth a visit on any given weekend.

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