Tons to enjoy at Mitchelton


Mitchelton winery is in the Nagambie Lakes region, a short drive from Tahbilk. The two wineries, however, could not be more different. Where Tahbilk is heritage listed buildings, Mitchelton is continually modernising everything from the restaurant menu (which, like Tahbilk is EXCELLENT) to the accommodation to the tasting room.

What we liked: A lot of high point-scoring wines to be found here at under $30 per bottle (plus a few over that price too…) The Marsanne is interesting. Unlike Tahbilk, it is aged in oak (similar to Warabilla) which changes the profile quite a bit. More expensive than Tahbilk though – Marsanne will be the grape of our next diagonal debate (8 wines currently planned for the comparison, so check back in a few weeks). Our favourites for price and quantity though were probably the Prosecco ($20 per bottle) and the “Crescent” Shiraz Mouvedre Grenache ($28 per bottle).

What we weren’t so keen on: There were no dessert wines or fortified wines produced by Mitchelton at the time of writing, we love a good sweet white or fortified, but we’ve already found heaps that we love, so not a deal-breaker.

Our verdict: To visit Mitchelton and Tahbilk in the one day is perhaps too much. You could stay at Mitchelton overnight… or you could do two day trips. Either way, we loved Mitchelton. Not quite as much as we love Tahbilk, but this winery has been around only since 1969 which gives Tahbilk a 91 year head start!

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