From Babylon to the Barossa


Grant Burge of the Barossa Valley in South Australia makes a lot of quality wine. Three red wines in particular though have really caught our attention since our last Barossa road trip. Named after the three wise men of Babylon who were thrown into a fire pit for refusing to worship a golden idol instead of their Christian God, there is something truly amazing about each of these wines that lovers of premium Australian wine should seek out.

Shadrach Cabernet Sauvignon 2009: We were impressed that there wasn’t a lot of browning at the edge of the glass for such an aged Cabernet Sauvignon. The nose was soft but still very inviting. The mouthfeel is best described as “medium” but the growing layers of complexity through to the finish really take this wine to a new level. The finish seems like it is never going to come, such is the length. Just a note though, we tried two bottles of this wine and found that it was a lot better when decanted 2 hours before service. $75 per bottle (approximately)

Abednego Mouvedre, Grenache, Shiraz 2003: We had a lot of trouble finding a well aged bottle of Abednego, so bought a box when we managed to find some at an auction. The wine itself is a 36% Mouvedre, 33% Grenache, 31% Shiraz blend (may change between vintages) and doesn’t have much of a nose to speak of, what is present has a lot of depth though, so it may be a feature of the age of the wine. The flavours that come in waves are EXCEPTIONAL and the age (around 15 years) seems to be optimal for this wine. $80 per bottle (if you can find it)

Meshach Shiraz 2010: As the most expensive of the three (around $120 per bottle) we kept this wine until last. The bottle was decanted carefully one hour before drinking but showed minimal sediment which was pleasing. The nose on this wine was very rich and the oak flavours really add depth. The palate was beautifully round and smooth, leading into a seamless finish. A near perfect wine.

Our favourite: This was a nearly impossible task since all three wines were so highly scored. In the end we decided on the Meshach as our favourite but we still feel a bit guilty not awarding the top prize to all three…

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