Continue along Maddens Lane.


Stop 2: Medhurst (and lunch)

A bit further along Madden’s lane and you come to Medhurst wines. This has a long, winding gravel drive and some very well behaved winery dogs that seem to like their lazy Sunday time to lounge about on the ample lawns.

What we liked: Medhurst has a rose which is surprisingly decent. A 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Shiraz blend with a sweet start and a dry finish – certainly an interesting wine and at $25 per bottle it is something that can be regularly enjoyed (we thought it was a bit more suited to summer time). The YBR red blend (in the Burgundy style) is a soft red wine with an amazing length. A 50/50 Pinot Noir/Shiraz blend, cofermented (if you care about these things). The nose is dominated by the Pinot Noir, but a lot of the Shiraz comes through in the palate. One for those who love their light and dry red wines. $38 per bottle.

What we weren’t so keen on: There was a nice mixture of outdoor and indoor dining, but the outdoor, undercover dining was a bit of a walk back to the bar. The bathrooms were a bit small, so large groups may again want to plan ahead – you will fit here but will need to stagger your bathroom breaks.

Our verdict: Not the cheapest wines in the valley but a lot to like. Again, having two or three price points at the key wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) is important to cater for different wine preferences. A very nice view from the dining area and thus well worth a visit at least once.

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