Turn at Maddens Lane.


Stop 1: Squitchy Lane Wines

Squitchy Lane winery is a small operation that makes all their wines vegan friendly. For those who don’t care about veganism, don’t worry, this just means they avoid fining products (egg whites is the most common) in the production process.

What we liked: For a small winery, the variety here is impressive. With interesting Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and a really interesting red blend that seemed to be inspired by Bordeaux blends, there is something here to please many a wine drinker.

What we weren’t so keen on: Don’t go here in a large group, you won’t fit in the tasting room. Also don’t go here as a small group if there is a small group already there… for similar reasons.

Our Verdict: The tasting room at this winery has a sensational view across the valley and the experience is quite lovely. The wines are produced with care and skill and are not over-priced. There are not too many bargains to be found either, but vegan-friendly wine is a rarity. If all you care about is quality, this winery should be on your list of places to visit as it is their focus as well.

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