The Marvels of May

May has been another really busy month for the Walkabout Crew. With fine weather on a number of weekends (we do go out in the cold and wet if we’ve booked a long trip, but tend to limit our spontaneous winery visits a bit…) we’ve managed to get to a lot of old favourites again as well as quite a few on our “one day” list.

We spent the month of May deliberately travelling a few back roads, looking for wines that punched above their weight, represented value for money and would provide drinking pleasure in the years to come. In our walkabout journey we made a few general discoveries:

Tried and tested varieties are still winning: Shiraz and Chardonnay are producing excellent wines in the hands of the right winemakers and since these grapes are super versatile and grow anywhere (almost) there are lots of wines produced all over the country to sample…

Price is not always an indicator of quality: We have tried a few really expensive wines this month (thanks mainly to cellar door managers being willing to demonstrate their premium lines to us…) and, to be honest, only a few of them are really hitting the high notes in terms of our ratings. By comparison, we’ve found a number of wines for less than $30 which we have scored very highly indeed. Yes, finding these wines takes time (lots of reading, travel and tasting – re-tasting in many cases) but ultimately we believe it is worth it.

This month we have awarded Best White to Coldstream Hills Reserve Chardonnay ($59.90 per bottle), Best Red to Warrabilla 2018 Reserve Grenache ($27 per bottle) and a really special mention to our Best Value wine of the month to Langmeil “Hanging Gardens” GSM ($17 per bottle at Costco which is ridiculous value for a wine we scored above 95 points!)

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