The joy of a good vintage


Boat O’ Craigo is one of our favourite Yarra Valley wineries. Lovely views, diverse range of wines and really helpful cellar door staff who clearly love their wine…

The walkabout crew got together recently to discuss, amongst other things, recent wine discoveries and the first bottle opened was a 2012 Boat O’ Craigo sparkling.

The first two things we all noticed about this wine was the colour and the bubbles: brilliant gold and lots of fizz! So far the signs were good that this would be a winner.

Flavour complexity was scored quite highly. “Apple” was the most commonly used flavour descriptor from the group, but several other pleasant fruit and baking terms were offered for discussion such as “bread-y” and “brioche”. There is a fair amount of sweetness to this wine (a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir blend not quite 50/50) but there is also some residual acidity in the palate, suggesting that this wine may not yet have reached its optimal age for drinking.

When our scores were averaged, this rated amongst the highest Australian sparkling wines we have tried. It gave the Arras range a fair challenge too.

Well, that’s 50 articles now published by the Walkabout Crew. Thanks to all our supporters, regular readers and most of all to the brilliant wine makers and cellar door staff who have made this all possible. Here’s to the next 50. Cheers!

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