Dalfarras and the Prosecco party


Prosecco first came to Australia in 1998 and when it cleared quarantine and other checks, the first vines were getting established in the early 2000s. Victoria’s King Valley is well known for producing many tonnes of the grape for a number of wineries and labels. Today, Australian Prosecco can no longer be called an “alternative variety” given its popularity.

Tahbilk, in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria has produced a Prosecco in 2019 under the Dalfarras label and it is a real winner. This is not a new grape for Dalfarras as it has been trialled in the past, but not for a few years and this offering is potentially the best yet. Dry and light in colour, but full of (large) bubbles, this is genuinely a Prosecco in the traditional Italian style.

The nose shows apples and pears as is typical for Italian whites, and oddly enough it is a really strong bouquet. Nice.

This is not a light tasting wine by any means, announcing itself boldly from the first sip. At 11% alcohol, it is not a big wine, but the flavours are pretty full-on. At first there are some pear (or maybe green apple) flavours before the yeasty lees do their job and dry out the palate. Plenty of length and reasonably complex.

The aftertaste is also full-on as the bubbles do their job. Quite well structured through the finish with near-perfectly balanced acidity.

Our Verdict: at $16.50 per bottle for club members (club membership is free don’t forget) this is a Prosecco to be bought by the case and brought out at Christmas time where it will go with almost any food choice at all.

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