When the winemakers come to town


Food and wine shows are a great way to compare multiple wine regions in the one day without having to drive anywhere in between. This year, the Walkabout Crew scored some tickets to the Melbourne Food and Wine show and, of course, we spent the day experiencing multiple wine regions and meeting (or in some cases being recognised by) some of our favourite winemakers.

Our pick of the day was Elderton of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. In particular, we felt that their 2015 Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon had been scored a bit on the low side by a few critics (relative to some other offerings from the winery) and at $34 per bottle was quite a lovely wine.

Although obviously young both by sight and smell, it has already learned how to pack a sensory punch with a very strong but nonetheless inviting bouquet.

In terms of palate, there is plenty of oak evident, but its use has been cleverly restrained. Likewise there is significant tannin to dry out the mouth towards the end but the wine remains well balanced. This is a wine that has been well made from quality fruit.

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