Hanging with Foxey


Foxey’s Hangout is in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula and proved to be a popular destination when we chose to take a day trip to explore the wineries of the area. We were quite happy we did.

The first thing to note about this winery is that they do charge a tasting fee. This is not uncommon, but at $10 and non-refundable against other purchases, we did think twice about whether or not to take the free option of tasting 3 wines each. This option didn’t include the single vineyard wines, so in the end we gave over our $10 each and got on with some tasting.

Maybe we just chose a busy weekend, or maybe it was a busy time of the day, but the whole experienced felt quite rushed for us, and some of our notes didn’t match eachother’s so the reviews given here are only for wines where we managed to form a consensus opinion.

2017 Pinot Gris: Quite light in colour, more typical of Pinot Grigio than Pinot Gris but the nose was nice enough with plenty of fruity scents coming through. There was some dominant acidity in the palate, but nothing too much to overwhelm. The finish was reasonable, what we would generally describe as medium in length. Better examples of Pinot Gris can be found elsewhere for this price in our opinion, but the wine itself is definitely drinkable. $30 per bottle.

2017 “Field Blend”: It is not so common to find field blends, in some cases they can be a mixture of more than six different grape varieties. This wine is certainly an interesting and aromatic white with a complex palate which is really nice, but the finish really let down the experience, being quite abrupt. $38 per bottle.

2016 Late Harvest Gris: We brought some of these away with us, mostly because we haven’t found too many sweet whites based on Pinot Gris and thought it would be a nice talking point. The wine itself is medium sweet, not as sweet as desert wines based on Semillon for example, but the mouthfeel is otherwise quite pleasant. Again, the finish is not long, which limits the overall enjoyment. $28 per 375mL bottle.

Our Verdict: The wine is certainly of a passable standard but as an experience on a day trip, there are better venues in the region. You just need to be brave and take a back road or two to find them.

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