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Many years ago now, we found ourselves on a driving tour of South Australia and quickly filled the car with boxes of wine. Late on the first day of our trip, we chanced upon Saltram of the Barossa and their wine Pepperjack Shiraz. Once back home, a dozen bottles disappeared in just over a week (in our defence we were hosting a few parties that week and the wine proved very popular…) when we went to our local wine supplier, a very large and well known retailer, we found them sold out. Pepperjack, it seems, had been discovered.

A year later, and we found Pepperjack shiraz being served on international flights. The wine, it seems, had found favour with our UK and USA travellers.

It is really not difficult to see why this is such a popular wine; the price alone (a well known warehouse has it for $18.50AUD per bottle at the moment and seems to have purchased a few pallets worth) makes it accessible to most wine enthusiasts. It is generally available in bottle shops, so you don’t need to actively seek it out like you do some of our favourite wines and, most importantly, it has been well made from good quality fruit.

The colour in the glass screams quality. Purple to red with no browning present at all and a good viscosity coating the glass with every swirl. The nose is restrained, yet has the familiar Barossa scents, plus some plum notes to add to the tune. The flavour profile is not as complex as some wines we have reviewed but it is well rounded, full of good fruit flavours and multi-dimensional with at least two levels present. The one downside is the lack of length of flavour. Given the price though, we can forgive this.

Considering the price, this is an amazing value wine. Whether or not it improves with cellaring is yet to be seen. There is some tannin structure, but possibly not enough for this to be a 10+ year cellaring prospect. It is drinking very nicely at the moment.

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