Big, Bigger, Parola’s

At 10.1 standard drinks per bottle, this is not a light red by any definition. It is, however one of the best red wines the Walkabout Crew has ever had the pleasure of discovering and at $37 for a bottle it is also arguably the best red wine around.

Aged in NEW American oak barrels from the best fruit in the best years, the Parola’s label wines are not made every year, with 2015 being the most recent. The colour is akin to blackcurrant syrup that has been darkened and thickened, such is the way this wine coats the glass when swirled. The black cherry flavours through the palate are simply wonderful and the high level of alcohol is not noticeable behind the fruit and oak.

The one downside to this wine is length. It is reasonable but nowhere near as long as other examples of Durif, funnily enough, most come from the Rutherglen region of Victoria.

Unfortunately, this wine can only be found in one retail store in Melbourne, but a road trip to Rutherglen is an experience not quickly forgotten…

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