The one that (nearly) got away

Drive through Healesville in the Eastern part of the Yarra Valley and when you come out the other side, there is a rather unassuming winery cellar door – Boat O’Craigo. The Walkabout Crew first discovered this winery by accident in 2016 and were super impressed by the 2015 Pinot Noir. When the 2016 Black Spur Pinot Noir was released, we bought a few cases without really thinking much about it and put them into storage.

By the time we returned to Boat O’Craigo, the 2016 Black Spur Pinot Noir was sold out. Completely. The 2015 was still available, but thanks to some very positive reviews (well deserved) the 2016 had become to some Pinot Noir fans the one that got away.

The wine is very light in colour, but has perfect clarity and the nose is a lot stronger than the colour suggests. At three years of age, the wine is still showing a lot of spice in the palate, with the balance still near perfect and the complexity really something for such a value ($30 per bottle at cellar door) wine.

And… a word to the wise… the Walkabout Crew reckon the 2017 Pinot Noir is even better than the 2016. There are still a few cases available at the time of writing…

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