Ladies Lunch

Fowles Wines is located in the Strathbogie shire in central Victoria and produces wines under a number of labels. One of the most well known is Ladies who shoot their lunch.

What we liked: The restaurant and outdoor dining area were well designed, the menu was decent and the prices very reasonable. The wine-matching suggestions were also quite reasonable and the share plates went well with many different wines.

The staff were generous with the tasting menu, allowing us to try everything from the current vintage including their flagship wine, The Rule. It is always interesting to compare the same wine grape from the same winery from different blocks or made in different styles and Fowles allows this with their Are You Game range, Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch, Stone Dwellers and Fowles labels offering quite a point of difference and all priced within reason with the cheapest being $20 per bottle and the most expensive $50 per bottle.

What we weren’t so keen on: the tasting room was understaffed. Having a large tasting bar is not effective when there aren’t enough staff working behind it and although we appreciated not being rushed and having time to discuss each wine, appropriate staffing levels often translate into appropriate volumes of wine being purchased…

The gun case mixed six-pack was a lovely novelty, but in the end we decided that the wines could be purchased cheaper in a major wine retailer, so left with only a few souvenir bottles from our trip.

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