A close second

Parola’s Shiraz and Durif wines are made by Warrabilla of Rutherglen in the very best years and Smithy has (in the opinion of the walkabout crew) set a very high bar for these wines, with several non-Parola’s years producing some truly exceptional wines but the Parola’s years are just that bit more special. The grapes, the new American oak barrels, the attention to bio-chemistry from the winemaking team are all something to truly behold.

2015 was a Parola’s year and the Shiraz is something quite amazing. Less sediment than the Durif (but more than the Grenache which had virtually none) but still producing the intense rich aromas of dark cherries that have come to be a signature of the Warrabilla label.

At $35 AUD per bottle this is quite a reasonably priced premium wine and drinks like a premium wine too. It is however only the second best wine we have tried from Warrabilla this year. It was a close second, but still more than a rounding error.

So, what came first? The Parola’s Durif (of course)

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