A is for Arras… again.

We recently wrote a review for House of Arras sparkling wine. We loved it so much we decided to return for the masterclass offered at Bay of Fires where all the premium House of Arras wines are available to taste before, during and after a tour of the winery…

There is so much to love about House of Arras sparkling wines and they really need to be experienced to be believed. There are five different premium sparkling wines on taste during the hour and a half (or more) and none of them are easily forgotten. On taste the day we visited for the class were:

NV Brut Elite a Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Meunier blend, light in colour with tiny bubbles and quite a yeasty nose. A lovely wine at the mid-range price point of $53 RRP.

2008 Grand Vintage this is a Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend with a big nose and layers of flavour that develop in distinct waves. A marvellous wine. $84 RRP.

2007 Rose: Unlike many rose wines, this was gold more than pink with a dry, almost savoury nose. The least complex palate of all the wines tasted (in our opinion) but still an excellent wine. Probably the best rose sparkling in Australia. $92 RRP.

2009 Blanc de Blancs: Our favourite – the colour is brilliant gold and the nose has hints of orange blossom. What follows from the 100% Chardonnay (different parcels from multiple sites around the state) is a beautifully complex palate that just builds and builds long after you expect it to subside. $92 RRP.

2004 EJ Carr Late Disgorged: This is arguably Australia’s best sparkling wine, such is the list of awards it has won consistently and internationally. It has a more savoury nose than the Blanc de Blancs wine and is arguably more complex through the palate. We discussed these last two wines at some length (before knowing the prices) and decided by the smallest of margins that the Blanc de Blancs was our favourite because it had the more interesting bouquet and a comparable level of complexity across the palate. Contact Arras for pricing on this one as it is not sold through their website due to frequently selling out to the club members.

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