B is for… Bangor

Travel down the Tasman Peninsula on the Port Arthur Highway and you will find the Bangor Wine Shed. As with so many wineries in this part of Tasmania, the view from the dining room (also doubles as the cellar door) are quite amazing.

What we liked: Although this is quite a small operation, the dining menu and wine matching has been done very well. Our favourite wine on taste was the 2018 Riesling which at $36 per bottle is about standard for Tasmanian Riesling. This example has a soft nose but a fruity palate and is quite complex. The “1830” Chardonnay, 2017 Vintage is similarly complex, but the golden colour of this wine makes it stand out, it is more expensive at $40 per bottle but is very well made.

What we weren’t so keen on: having a tasting room that doubles as a restaurant and using the tasting bar as the cashier for wine sales is a bit problematic, especially during busy times which can be quite unpredictable in such a tourist attraction of an area.

Our verdict: Bangor makes wines of comparable quality and value for money to those in the Coal Valley region (which is less than an hour drive away) and has a nice, albeit small, selection of wines on taste. The only red grape variety made is Pinot Noir but there are multiple examples, all very good. Well worth a visit if you are heading to or from Port Arthur or elsewhere on the peninsula.

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