The Scottish Influence

On weekends (or by appointment) you can visit Craigow Wines in the Coal Valley of Tasmania. Predominantly white wines are made here, but they have a very interesting French style Rose, a very well made Pinot Noir and, of all things, a Sparkling Merlot (not always on taste).

What we liked: It is becoming a bit of a pattern here in the Coal Valley, but we really liked the Riesling at Craigow. The palate, like the nose is softer and shows less minerality than many “mainland” examples but are not as sweet as the “across the ditch” examples being produced in New Zealand.

The dessert wine, also a Riesling, is fantastic here. It has a similar flavour profile to the Iced Riesling from Frogmore Creek, but has a rather different aftertaste. There are so many good dessert Riesling wines being made in this part of the world that they probably deserve their own article (perhaps an upcoming Diagonal Debate?)

What we weren’t so keen on: The Pinot Noir is admittedly young and is showing no signs of colour change at the edge of the glass, but the length of this wine just feels too short. It is a quality smelling and tasting wine, so the short length just seems to leave it unfinished.

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