F is for… Frogmore

Also on the road from Hobart to Cambridge sits the picturesque dining room of Frogmore Creek. The views are spectacular from the dining room and the architect has made full use of this with the floor-to-ceiling glass panels. The lunch menu itself is absolutely five star dining, but since this is a winery review, let’s get back to the wine…

Like all Tasmanian wineries, there is no cheap and nasty “plonk” here on the menu, but there are distinct price points, with the cheapest wines starting around $30 per bottle and the most expensive around $70 per bottle (but in this high bracket there is a lot more variation).

Like good Tasmanian wineries, the Pinot Noir on offer is exceptional. Some are done in steel, some are done in oak and although the difference is obvious, it is not so easy to determine a favourite. We scored the oaked example a bit higher, but would be more than happy quaffing the 42 degrees south (cheaper label) version.

Our standout wine of the day was (for the first time ever that the Walkabout crew have been reviewing wine) a sparkling rose. The other sparkling wines were excellent, but the rose had better fruit flavours and was more visually appealing. We also loved the iced Riesling, not quite a true Eiswein (to use the German name) where grapes are allowed to freeze before being picked, but still a really excellent example of the correct way to make a dessert wine.

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