Stone and Wood

Just before you arrive in Richmond on the drive East from Hobart, you will find the Pooley cellar door and if you like Pinot Noir it is worth a visit.

Multiple tasting options are available for different prices (refundable as usual on purchases) and the cellar door staff were more than willing to tailor the tasting to our preferences once they realised we were serious about our wine. The cellar door itself is a wonderful display of Tasmanian timber set against the painted stone walls lined with wine bottles than make for the perfect decoration.

Our suggestions to taste: The Pinot Noir offerings are varied and make for an interesting experience, from the 2018 Pooley Pinot Noir ($46) which has a beautiful ruby red colour and a big nose followed by good palate length, although the finish is a bit “flat”. Compared to the 2017 Clarence House Pinot Noir ($65) which adds flavours of beetroot and even rhubarb and finishes with more style than the other Pinot Noir wines.

If white wines are your thing, try the 2018 Pooley Riesling ($36) which is a crisp wine, despite its sweet bouquet. It is floral and fruity throughout yet remains clean flavours which makes for a very pleasant drink. Our pick for best white. Alternatively, try the 2018 Pooley Pinot Grigio which, as the name suggests, has been made in the Italian style and has a pink tinge throughout. The typical pear flavours dominate and it is pleasantly dry in keeping with the name Grigio as opposed to Gris.

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