Along a long, long, dusty road…

Depending of course on which direction you approach from, the drive up the hill to the Hartzview Wines cellar door is either long and dusty or really long and dusty. There is a quaint sign half-way up to encourage visitors that it will all be worth it, and if you like a liqueur made from local fruit as well as a good Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir then the drive may well be worth it.

Situated in the Huon Valley, there are plenty of other interesting, non-wine related attractions nearby if you want to make a day of it including a gin distillery, a cider-house, a sheep milk cheese producer and some seriously nice views of pine trees and the associated smells.

The drive up the dirt road to Hartzview is a long one, but there is an encouraging sign half-way up to assure you that you’re on the correct path and there is a dining room for those who need a snack or proper lunch at the end. The stained-glass windows in the tasting room are remarkable and really set the scene in a positive way.

With fruit sourced from the local area, a number of fruit liqueurs are available, including raspberry, cassis and honey-mead (which is served warm for a rather unique experience). Look past this to the heart of the operation however and you discover some very well made wines with the Chardonnay being our personal favourite (yes, we did buy a number of liqueurs as well… they go well with desserts).

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