A bit Riche?

Fans of Australian sparkling wine will no doubt know Chandon Australia (one of around 10 Chandon sites around the world) but what you may not know is that they now make a Sparkling Dessert Wine. It comes in a smaller, 500mL bottle available at the cellar door and online.

Labelled Extra Riche, the wine is a really bright yellow in the glass. Seriously – it looks like lemon meringue!

As is typical for Chandon wines, the nose is subtle, and in this case there is a sweet overtone, best described as honey.

The flavour profile is quite complex and really impressive considering the sparkling style. Both nutty and sweet at the same time with multiple flavour layers, this is a serious wine!

Serve with: Fruit, cheese (white goat cheese in particular goes really well) dried fruits or fruit-based desserts.

Our verdict: Excellent! The price means it is not an everyday wine, but for the special occasions that call for a dessert wine, this is one to strongly consider.

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