Tasting in these testing times

Here in Australia, like many places in the world, people are being asked to work from home as much as possible. Unfortunately, in the Walkabout Crew we have health-care workers, educators and animal carers for whom such a luxury just isn’t possible. So what do we do about it? Drink of course!

Many wineries have been in contact with us in the last few weeks to advise they are remaining open but are not permitting “drop in” visits and a lot of the larger tour companies are simply not running as the tourists aren’t here (with good reason). So things are a bit quiet at the wineries at present, but we are supporting them as best we can and making sure our cellars are well stocked.

It is coming into the cooler months here Down Under, so we are making sure we have enough big reds (Durif is an excellent choice for winter and it doesn’t matter that it is high in alcohol, because we’re not going to be going out anywhere!) Fortified wines, such as a good Rutherglen Muscat (there are about 16 different producers to choose from with impressive ranges of products at different price points starting at around $25 per bottle) go really well with cheese platters. If red wine is not your thing (and we do know the occasional person who thinks this way at times) why not try something a bit more obscure such as a Viognier? Tropical yet heavy in the palate, this is a good match with spicy food.

We will be out and about (hopefully) a lot more once the medical advice says it is OK to do so, in the meantime we will continue to write about or favourite wines whenever we open a new taster.


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