A wine with a right to show off?

With wine businesses in Australia closing their cellar doors during the COVID-19 saga, it has become easier to find businesses that will offer free delivery on their products and some pretty serious discounts as well.

As wine enthusiasts, we thought it only right to take advantage of this while working from home, and so bought ourselves a few bottles of the Curtis Family Limited Release Grenache. It proudly displays the 94 point rating it recieved from arguably Australia’s most well known wine critic (although other critics have scored higher, up to 96 in published reviews) in a way that we have not seen too often on individual bottles.

We are often sceptical of these ratings, as everyone has a different palate, but we came to the conclusion that this is a rare example of the critic being a bit too conservative.

The RRP for this wine sits somewhere between $70AUD and $100AUD depending on the vintage, but we picked these bottles up for under $20AUD each and were very impressed at this price-point. The colour is at the very dark end of the Grenache spectrum and the complexity of flavours backs it up. There is a bit too much alcohol in the nose (but it is not too heavy at 14%) and the acid in the finish needs a few years in the bottle to soften. Being sealed under cork (a rarity in Australian wines these days) means we won’t be taking this to guest’s dinner parties when the shut-down ends, but will quite happily offer it as a mystery wine at our own end of COVID-19 parties.


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