Thanks a Million


We are back. Well, sort of. Here in Australia, travel is still quite limited at the moment, and restaurants are quite limited in the number of patrons, so many of our events have had to be cancelled. We have made some new bookings to some of the larger wine regioms for later in the year, when hopefully the picture is a bit different, but during the “lockdown” we have been focussing our attention elsewhere… online sales.

With many restaurants not open for business, there are a few (actually quite a lot) of cancelled orders popping up on the wine auction websites we peruse, and there have been a few cancelled export orders that we have taken advantage of recently.

One such deal was from Tahbilk in central Victoria which offered us their One Million Cuttings Red (a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, both of which Tahbilk is really well known for) at $12.50 AUD a bottle, compared to their normal price of $20USD (roughly $30AUD) per bottle. We bought a few cases at that price and they were promptly delivered to us personally within the week. To understand how much of a bargain this is, Tahbilk Red Blends (which are usually cheaper than their single variety wines) retail for up to $45 AUD per bottle. We can often, with some negotiating, buy them direct from the winery for around $15AUD. So this was below our normal “we’ll take a dozen, each” price.

To anyone else wanting to take advantage of this cancelled order, get in touch with Tahbilk directly. Since this order was destined for the USA it is all under screwcap (export labels to the UK and US are often sealed with screwcaps whereas for Asian destinations they are often sealed under cork and unlabelled prior to export).

The wine looks and smells great but tastes young, so either open it and decant an hour before serving or put it away for 10 years. We bought so much as a group we are doing both!

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