What to serve with… Lamb


A while ago, the Walkabout Crew had a lovely night out at an Indian restaurant with the purpose of deciding what wine goes best with vegetarian curry.

This time, since we are not out and about as much, we have decided to focus on eating in, on a budget. Our goal was simple: find a wine for under $30 AUD (RRP) which best complemented our Lamb Cutlets.

After much discussion (tasting, debating, scoring, retasting, re-scoring and finally averaging our scores) we decided on Warrabilla Reserve Grenache. Available either online direct from Warrabilla or if you live in Melbourne, from Nick’s Wine Merchants.

For those familiar with Grenache as a varietal, this one sits very much up the “strawberry jam” end of the spectrum, but much more cherry than strawberry both in colour and flavour. As with all Warrabilla wines, the oak is ever-present and almost dominant, but somehow the palate remains smooth and long.

We weren’t huge fans of the 2017 Reserve Grenache, but the 2018 and 2016 have scored well (the 2016 is a personal favourite of one of the tasters, despite the 2018 gaining a higher average score from the group). The 2019 is not quite as good as the 2018 but still a nice wine. Despite being marketed as a “drink now” we felt it was quite young on the palate and needed some more time to develop. That said, we think it is a very good Grenache.

Our average score: 92.5 points

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