A couple of years ago we made a day trip up to Mitchelton Winery in Central Victoria. The restaurant there is absolutely first rate (but gets popular, so make sure you book in advance, especially for weekends). One of the wines we thought might improve with some time in the bottle was the 2016 “Crescent” Shiraz Mouvedre Grenache.

At the time, we scored the wine 89 points (our scoring is based on a group average and tends to be lower than the expert ratings for many wines, in a few rare cases we have scored higher) but made the note “improved with food”.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the crew decided it was time to revisit this 2016 red and see if things had changed.

Because the Grenache in this wine is playing a support rather than lead role (it is a SMG rather than GSM blend, after all) it is not what we would call a “fruit forward” wine. The colour in the glass is excellent, like a good Pinot Noir or cool-climate Shiraz. The nose is complex but not forceful, so we weren’t expecting a “big red” here.

The palate is complex, still a bit on the young side, with good spice but again, lacks force. It is a very pleasant wine to drink and for drinkers wanting a light to medium red wine at a reasonable price (RRP $28 AUD per bottle) this is something you may like to try…

…except the line seems to have been discontinued on the Mitchelton website. Maybe they have more in the production line, we don’t know at this stage.

This time around, we scored the wine between 89 and 92 points. Good quality wine, didn’t excite us.

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