Chandon Autumn/Winter 2020

The Autumn Winter Chandon sparkling showcase arrived recently with some old favourites and some new offerings. Our reviews are given here:

2015 Cuvee 205 – A new wine to us, named after the 205 litre oak barrels the wine is matured in. The colour is soft-gold and the bubbles are strong. The nose is yeasty, which suggests some good time on lees. The wine is very pleasant, but still tastes quite fresh, suggesting a few years in bottle may make this one of their best offerings. We scored it an average of 96 points. RRP $59 AUD

2018 Whitlands Plateau Pinot Gris Cuvee – Pinot Gris is one of those varieties which has become popular in Australia and New Zealand lately. Normally we are a bit under-impressed by the result, but in this case it works. The apple blossom smell and green-apple flavours typical for French style Gris are all present. The front palate is a bit on the sour-apple side, but the wave of sweetness that follows drowns it out. A very good wine. Our average score was 95 points. RRP $39 AUD

2015 Vintage Brut – This is a very reliable wine for quality. The colour is light-gold, more than some of the Blanc wines, but not as pink as the Cuvee Riche. The nose is quite sweet but the palate is very nicely layered making this a really, really good wine for the price. Our score: 96 points. $37 AUD RRP.

Cuvee Riche – This is a non-vintage wine that has become a personal favourite of the group whenever we visit Chandon for lunch (which we do often in the warmer months). It is a sweet wine that pairs brilliantly well with cured meats, pickles and all kinds of cheese (hence we love it). It is not as complex as some of the other wines we have reviewed here, but we think it is something every wine lover should experience. Our score: 94 points. $35 RRP.

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