Chambers Rosewood – Value and Variety

On a back road near the main township of Rutherglen sits Chambers Rosewood winery. From the outside it looks like a very boutique producer. From the inside it looks like a factory with a few benches and stools.

What the cellar door lacks in pizzazz it makes up for in value and variety and is an absolute must when visiting the area. Whites, reds, bubbles, fortified, it has them all and the value is quite amazing.

Wines to look out for: The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is an absolute BARGAIN at $15 per bottle. YES, $15 per bottle for AGED CABERNET. We scored this wine an average of 96.5 points and it was our favourite red wine.

Useful to know: This winery makes 20 or more different fortified wines, ranging in price from $15 for 375ml to over $250 per bottle and just about every price point in between. We thought the $25 and $30 per bottle Muscat and Muscadelle (Topaque) offerings represented seriously good value for money.

Delivery? Yes. Order 12 bottles and pay for 10, plus delivery (rates were pretty similar across all wineries in the region at $14 per dozen – straight or mixed – to Melbourne/Sydney).

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