Morris – a “must see” when visiting Rutherglen

Depending on the route you take to Rutherglen, Morris Wines is either on the right as you drive into town or a short drive East from the centre of town. Either way, this winery has a few surprises to reward the newcomer and a flight of world class fortified wines for those who know what Rutherglen is famous for.

Useful to know: The cellar door here is quite small, so if visiting in a large group, phone ahead to ensure you don’t clash with another large group.

Wines to try: Morris make excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Durif and red blends. The Durif is a smoother wine with less “punch” than other Rutherglen Durifs, which may appeal or not to different palates. There is also a sparkling Shiraz/Durif blend for something different – good length, full of fruit yet still medium-dry.

What about their fortified wines? Morris Classic Muscat is one of the best value fortified wines you can get. All their fortified wines have been expertly blended with wines of different age, and each winery has their own style. Book ahead and try a flight of Muscat or Topaque (a small fee applies) for an experience not soon forgotten.

Like the Muscat, the Topaque (pictured) change in colour and complexity as you go from the Classic (Left) to the Rare (Right). The Grand ($50 per bottle) was our pick for value.

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